Fenna Thelosen

Fenna Thelosen was born in Langenboom, a small village in The Netherlands. She already discovered at a very young age that moving was her passion and wanted to expand that interest. That expansion took her to Germany where she is a student at The Folkwang Universität der Künste.

During her path in life, she worked with some inspiring people such as; Annemijn Rijk, Faizah Grootens, Tilman O ‘Donnell, etc. And she is up for more! She is very intrigued by creating honest connections between people. Through art there are a lot of ways to connect and experiment. Curiosity needs to be there for her, so she can play with her imagination and creativity.

Currently she is busy with a question that is stuck in her head for a while; “What do I feel and how do I transmit this feeling without forcing it towards others?”
She also became more and more interested in the word “real” during her studies, what does it mean to her, what is the effect on her and how can she play with it?

“Curiosity creates pathways”