Patrizio Bucci

Patrizio Bucci (IT, 1990) completed his studies in dance at the Centro di Danza Balletto di Roma in Italy. After his studies, he danced in various Italian productions. In 2011, he moved to the Netherlands to dance with Noord Nederlandse Dans. Since 2013, he has danced at SALLY, where he took part in the Blauw, Revolt and Dekbed performances. He is also active as a choreographer and guest teacher in the world of amateur dance and at the Maastricht Dance Study Program.

Patrizio took his first steps as a choreographer in the choreographic residencies of SALLY.  In August 2014, he created LAST during one of four residency periods. During the residency in 2015, he created the solo And Now What?, which was also performed in Italy during Body Perform (a platform for young creative artists) in Rome and Doc.3 in Florence. In 2016, he created the duet PACTS & FAITH, which was performed at Festival PAS Maastricht and at SALLY’s 10th anniversary celebration. During his fourth residency in 2017, he created the choreographic work Alone Together for the Limburg Festival.


Alone Together (2017)

Pacts & Faith (2016)

And Now What? (2015)

LAST (2014)