Blauw (Blue) (4+/families)

A dance performance for cowards and daredevils

Just imagine….
2 daredevils and 1 coward
On an adventure together
And fantasy running wild
I see, I see what you don’t see and the color is….

In Blauw, 2 daredevils and 1 coward go on an adventure. The further they go, the more problems they get into. How can they solve their problems, and how can they deal with the fears that erupt? The tide turns when the coward takes over. He uses his fantasy to make the fear disappear and, like a true daredevil, takes the 2 cowards with him and finds the way out of this adventure.

In Blauw, the coward becomes the hero in the end!

Concept, choreography, music Stefan Ernst & Ronald Wintjens
Decor Janco van Barneveld
Costumes Thera Hillenaar
Light Otto Eggersgluss
Play period 2011, 2012, 2013

Dancers Patrizio Bucci, Johannes Lindh, Gideon Poirier