In the Dancelab, a collaboration with VIA ZUID, SALLY fuses research, public engagement, and presentation. The Dancelab is a workspace where choreographers and the public come together to share ideas and collaborate on a creative process. SALLY’s Dancelab’s consist of:

Research, in which time and space is created for the choreographers to dive into a research question, refine their signature and sharpen their focus on a young audience.
The public as co-creator, in which a young audience is invited to contribute to the research process.
Presentation, in which the right context and the right platform are sought for the choreographer and their work.

Over the years, SALLY has worked step by step on the development of a sustainable network of performance venues, schools, and festivals in which young choreographers connect with new and young audiences.

Dancelab is made possible by BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Gemeente Maastricht and Grensverleggers, an arrangement to support cultural cooperation between parties in Flanders, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Limburg and the Province of Zeeland.

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