SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht presents LUX, a choreography by Martin Harriague in collaboration with Maastricht based fashion designer Mieke Kockelkorn. Once again it becomes clear what an extraordinary connection exists between dance and fashion and how these two disciplines bring out each other’s strengths. LUX, illuminance, draws its inspiration from the fact that the written word is essential in the definition of each religion. Nowadays in our individualistic society everyone has their own personal collection of words and symbols which represent who they are. They reflect universal and essential values for life, which surpass the boundaries of a religion. But do they illuminate who we really are?

The music composed by Harriague himself, LUX combines solos, duos and ensembles in an instinctive, abstract but meaningful dance, that is both sensual and exciting.


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  • Ludwig ForumAachen (DE)29 September 2018 20:00 uur 21:30
  • De BrandweerkantineMaastricht17 Juni 2018 18:45 uur 19:15
  • De BrandweerkantineMaastricht17 Juni 2018 15:30 uur 16:00
  • De BrandweerkantineMaastricht17 Juni 2018 13:30 uur 14:00
  • SAM-decorfabriekMaastricht16 Juni 2018 19:00 uur 22:00
  • De BrandweerkantineMaastricht16 Juni 2018 12:30 uur 13:00
  • De BrandweerkantineMaastricht15 Juni 2018 16:00 uur 16:30