Maria Dominguez

Maria Dominguez (ES, 1991) is a creative performer in contemporary music. Maria is a true professional and multitalented. She graduated at the conservatory in Spain, is classically trained as a singer and with a strong love for contemporary music. Maria graduated cum laude in her masters at Maastricht Conservatory. In addition, she has specialized for two years in ‘contemporary music with non-western techniques’ at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

With her company CONTENCO she connects two different musical languages ​​and traditions, flamenco and contemporary music, with the aim of walking new musical paths and looking for a new form of artistic expression.


A session that conjugates music theater, movement, video. In a series of scenarios Dominguez plays with different forms of oppression: from subjugation to voyeurism. An immersive experience for both artist and audience.