Luis Ricardo Pedraza Cedrón

Luis Ricardo Pedraza Cedrón (ES, 1989) studied at the Royal Academy of Dance and at the Conservatorio Professional Municipal de Danza de Ribarroja del Turia (ES). He has danced with the Baltic Dance Theater in Poland and with IT Dansa in Barcelona, and he has worked together with the choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. At SALLY, he danced in the Revolt and Dekbed performances.

As a choreographer, Luis started his research at IT Dansa, where he made practical use of this research in the solos Amor encorsetado and Dark Madness, as well as the duets Share and Y.X. This last choreographic work was also displayed in the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2014, he choreographed Dead Language for The Night of Museums in Barcelona.

During SALLY’s choreographic residencies in 2016, he created work for the first time in which he wasn’t performing as a dancer, resulting in the performance It Just Happens for a Reason, a work that is about the unexpected consequences of our actions in life. Sometimes things just happen, as if by themselves, but it’s up to us to decide and choose what to do and how to respond. In 2016, it Just Happens For A Reason was performed during the Festival PAS in Maastricht, the Festival Auf Dem Sprung in Aachen, and in the main hall of the Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord in Wilhelmshaven.


It Just Happens For A Reason (2016)