Zhar-ptitsa, de Vuurvogel (the Firebird) (A.L.)

A synthesis of visual art, dance, and music

Just imagine…
A heroic prince
An evil spirit
A beautiful princess…
And an exotic Firebird.

Zhar-ptitsa tells the story of Prince Ivan who captures a firebird while hunting. In return for one of its magic feathers, he lets the firebird go. He then falls in love with Princess Vasilia, who is imprisoned by an evil spirit. Using the feather, the Prince calls on the help of the Firebird and, of course, all is well that ends well.

SALLY created Zhar-ptitsa, which is inspired by the world-famous ballet The Firebird, in collaboration with Thera Hillenaar and at the request of the Bonnefanten Museum. The performance is also presented during the exhibition The Big Change, Revolutions in Russian Painting 1895-1917, and is a synthesis of visual art, dance, and music by Igor Stravinski and Stefan Ernst.

Choreography Stefan Ernst & Ronald Wintjens
Costumes & objects Thera Hillenaar
Music Igor Stravinski & Stefan Ernst
Play period 2013

Dancers Kiyan Khoshoie, Olive Lopez, Jeroen Janssen, Audrey Apers, Ivan Ugrin