WOEST (Furious) (4+/families)

An intriguing world full of dynamic, virtuoso, and acrobatic dance

Just imagine…
2 balled fists and 1 red face
Too many attempts to count to 10
An enormous silence… and then…
Smoke clouds escaping from your ears and clenched teeth…

Woest is a performance about stormy fits of anger. A young boy whose parents are separated takes out his anger on everything and everyone. But his anger hides a much deeper desire: in his own secretive world, full of dynamic, virtuoso, and acrobatic dance, he attempts to make everything like it used to be …

‘Your heart is thumping in your chest, your legs are shaking, and you feel the blood rushing to your head. Something deep inside you is rising to the surface. It has to escape…KWAAAAAAK… Watch out, the hothead is loose. He is Furious!

Choreography Stefan Ernst
Dance Patrizio Bucci, Amy GreeneLea GiamatteiLuis R. Pedraza Cedrón, Pedro Ricardo Henry
Music Stefan Ernst & Wouter Gulikers
Costumes Ben van Buuren
Decor Janco van Barneveld
Lighting design Otto Eggersglüss