Vreemde Eend (4+/families)

A musical dance performance with a slightly tingling aftertaste

Just imagine…
A new house, a new street, and new neighbors
Forever peering at you from behind their blinds But never greeting you
Strange, don’t they see you?
Good morning Neighbor!

Everything is neat, quiet, and under control in the street where Neighbor Man and Neighbor Woman live, until a stranger moves in next to Neighbor Woman. The arrival of this ‘odd one out’ shakes up the whole street and put a strain on good neighborliness. But who is really the odd one out here?

Vreemde Eend was first performed in 2008. Exactly 10 years later, SALLY is bringing this successful musical dance performance, replete with dances and songs, back to the theater in a completely new guise. ‘The music puts you in the right mood, the songs add lots of variety, and the decor is stunningly simple’, writes 8Weekly.

Choreography: Stefan Ernst
Direction: Inez Derksen
Music: Stefan Ernst