Revolt (14+/adults)

Will you tag along or stay behind? Will you fight it or simply stand around?

Just imagine…
5 powerful choreographers
6 young dancers
1 experience

Revolt is a stormy dance performance in the spirit of the times. In this performance, which touches young and old alike, six young dancers lay bare their heart and soul. Together, they choose to revolt as a form of personal protest.

Besides new work by SALLY’s house choreographers Stefan Ernst and Ronald Wintjens, Revolt contains dance passages from three international guest choreographers, Itzik Galili, Stephen Shropshire, and Martin Harraigue, and it also gives the audience an opportunity to see some of our own promising young talents. The various dance compositions flow seamlessly into each other to form a single powerful river of universal language. The music includes work from Wende Snijders as well as new compositions by artistic director Stefan Ernst.

Concept en choreography Stefan Ernst & Ronald Wintjens,
Choreographic work Itzik Galili, Stephen Shorpshire & Martin Harriague
Costumes Thera Hillenaar & Mieke Kockelkorn
Decor Janco van Barneveld
Light Otto Eggersgluss
Play period 2015, 2016

Dancers: Patrizio Bucci, Joel Mesa Gutierrez, Reggina Markidou, Luis Ricardo Pedraza Cedrón, Nicole van den Berg, Christiaan de Donder, Morgane Michel, Reginald Lefebvre, Gino Taytelbaum, Charlotte Petersen


No performances planned at the moment.