Jeuk (Itch) (4+/families)

A stimulating dance performance for the entire family

Just imagine…
You have the itch
The jitters
Over your whole body
So bad you want to jump out of your skin.

Jeuk is about discovering yourself and the other. It’s about stretching limits and challenging boundaries, about behaving and misbehaving. It’s about teasing one another and about how friendship is the ultimate remedy against fighting, quarreling, and other forms of nasty itchiness.

Every child and most adults know the feeling. When you’re at a loss, your nose itches. If you’re attracted to someone, you feel it in your stomach. And when you’re in a fighting mood, your whole body gets the jitters from head to toe. In Jeuk the spotlight is on that uncomfortable itchy feeling you get when you end up in an argument with your best friend. For some, an argument leads to a neurotic kind of inner itch, for others it results in an urge to tease and taunt even further and be the boss.

SALLY based this stimulating performance loosely on the children’s book Let’s be Enemies by Janice May Udrey (1961), with spot-on illustrations by Maurice Sendak (author of Where the wild things are), about two young boys caught up in an argument who discover the power of friendship.

Concept & Music Stefan Ernst
Choreography Stefan Ernst & Ronald Wintjens
Decor Janco van Barneveld
Costumes Thera Hillenaar
Light Otto Eggersgluss
Play period 2014, 2015

Dancers Patrizio Bucci, Adrien Martins, Morgane Michel