Conny Janssen

Conny Janssen (Rotterdam, 1958) completed her training in 1982 at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. During her career as a dancer, she already developed into an exceptional choreographer. In 1992, she established her own company, Conny Janssen Danst, which has been performing pure dance with a ‘human touch’. Her creative work for SALLY includes a composition for the performance of Bull’s Eye.

Conny Janssen’s choreographies can be characterised as innovative, physically powerful, and moving. She draws inspiration from urban life: a fast-moving and exciting world full of diversity. The language of her dance compositions is integrated with a subtle choice of music, design, and lighting. Her work has a rough, tough, alert flavor imbued with the typical urban culture of Rotterdam. She knows how to fuse her flexible and virtuoso language of dance with the personal qualities of the dancers. In doing so, Conny Janssen has a preference for clearly defined characters who can be seen on the stage in all their human qualities and failings: vulnerable, combative, and passionate.

In addition to the various prizes she has received for her creative work, Conny Janssen has also received recognition for her personal contributions, including the title of Gezichtsbepalend (Very Influential) from the Province of South-Holland (2007). She was made a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau (2012) and became a member of the Academy of Arts (2015), where she also has a management position. In March 2016, she was awarded the Rotterdam Promotion Prize by the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb.