Dansparels (Dance pearls)

Just imagine…
60 minutes on an interactive dance floor
Watching dance
Thinking and talking dance
But Dansparels is more a question of doing, of dancing.

Dansparels (Dance pearls) is about the experience and interpretation of contemporary dance. It is a performance, workshop, and interactive concept all rolled into one. Created to allow children to experience dance first hand and to encourage them to look at it in different and personal ways. This interactive programme provides an exciting insight into the world of dance and creation.

SALLY offers Dansparels in different versions to school pupils ages 4 to 12. The children look at dance together with the dancers and workshop leader. Together they will reflect and talk about dance and learn to express their thoughts and feelings through movement. Dansparels provides an exciting insight into the world of dance and creation while also ensuring plenty of fun dance moments!

Concept Stefan Ernst, Ronald Wintjens, Sophie van Heesewijk
Play period September-November 2019, March-May 2020, February-June 2021
Location (school)gymnasium, location of choice

Dancers Kiki Boot & Ivan Montis