Kiki Boot

Kiki Boot (NL) completed her studies at the Codarts, University of the Arts in Rotterdam in 2016. During her studies, she immersed herself in particular in the world of jazz. Kiki is presently working as a freelance dancer, teacher, and choreographer. This season, she can be seen performing in Dansparels with SALLY.

Kiki has danced with Rick Odums in Paris and with Lynn Simonson in New York and Stockholm. During her training, she did her work-study project at the DOX production house, where she worked for a year with choreographers such as Erik Kaiel and with The100hands. She choreographed and danced for this group in various productions, including Händel It. In 2016, she started as a dancer with the Rúm dance theater in Utrecht. In 2017, she became cocreator for the MANSHIP dance collective.

In addition to her work as a professional dancer, Kiki expresses her passion for dance in lessons and workshops for various educational bodies and institutions as well as a preparatory dance training program. In doing so, she hopes to communicate the value of dance and contribute to creating a richer reference framework for future dancers and/or dance lovers.

“When I dance, my daily thought machinery comes to a halt and I am able to experience, intimately and in the present moment, who and where I am. The freedom to move and feel the wind move over my skin and through my hair is what I love the most.”